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Young Thug New Artist Damond Blue drops with President Davo


With collaborations with big names like Moneybagg Yo and Young Thug new artist Damond Blue is making a splash, in addition to his feature in Billboard, has bolstered his position as a leading creative force in Atlanta and Baltimore.

Damond Blue: The Rising Star Bridging Baltimore and Atlanta in the Hip-Hop/R&B Scene

He is an artist who continues to shape the contemporary R&b/hip-hop/afrobeat scene with his unique style and rhythm. His new track with President Davo, “Read Between the Lines,” drops on Friday 7/7 and it’s already creating quite a buzz.

His recent feature in Billboard isn’t just a nod to his burgeoning career; it’s a testament to his influence on the contemporary R&B/hip-hop/afrobeat scene. Blue’s unique style, blending traditional hip-hop with afrobeat rhythms and a touch of R&B soul, marks him as an artist unafraid to push boundaries and experiment with sound.

“Read Between the Lines,” demonstrates his ability to deliver a powerful and catchy tune. The track showcases his melody and lyrical prowess and the unique pop musical textures that are his signature. With its engaging rhythms and dynamic production, “Read Between the Lines” is a perfect fit for parties, events, and is already blazing the radio on the East Coast.

As testament to Damond Blue’s growing appeal, “Read Between the Lines” is already receiving radio play on notable stations like 95.5 WPGC and 92.3 WERQ (#1 Hiphop in Baltimore). The early signs point to this track becoming a favorite among listeners

Yet, amid the rising tide of success, Damond Blue’s journey is touched by tragedy. The loss of President Davo in 2023 is a stark reminder of the ongoing violence affecting young black men in America. As we groove to the beats of “Read Between the Lines,” let’s also pause and reflect on the urgent need for change. This isn’t just about music; it’s about the lives and futures of countless young talents.

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Damond Blue is more than just a musician; he’s a beacon of hope and change in the music industry, proving that talent, when nurtured and supported, can rise above adversity to create something truly spectacular. Who doesn’t love a Young Thug collab artist?

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RIP President Davo.  Violence needs to end. Young black men deserve to grow up. 

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