Playlist Pitching

Pro and Heatseeker Members Receive Playlist Submissions. Please fill out the form in your dashboard at least 5 weeks out from release date.

We can not guarantee editorial playlist placement, however we follow best practices provided to us by DSPs and have a track record of success.

Be sure to submit through Spotify For Artists (SFA) and other DSP editorial submission forms. DSPs such as Spotify can not review our direct pitches without first receiving the submission through SFA.

  • Additional information:
    • If you are pitching a stand-alone single or pre-add launch, information about upcoming release timeline can be helpful so we know where this release fits in the overall campaign. Ex: is this a one-off single? Will a pre-add be following on a particular date? If you are pitching a pre-add, what is the album date?
    • **Please Note** An artist bio is not necessary. Please do not provide.
  • Genre:
    • Only use options exactly as they appear in drop down menu. Reformatting the genres will cause errors and your titles may be overlooked.
    • If you would like your title considered for additional genres, please list them out in the description field Ex: “Please also consider for alternative and electronic”
  • Marketing Drivers:
    • Include the following:
      • Marketing plan with dedicated budgets and details
      • Has the artist committed to a time-synced lyrics post