Penalties For Artificial Streaming

  1. Please reach out to us should you have any suggestions on how Good Morning can help you better address the problem of Artificial Streaming. Note that most of these playlist/stream boosting services engage in practices which the DSPs consider to be abusive and to constitute Artificial Streaming. You can read more about this in this Spotify article. This video from Spotify is also useful in explaining.
  2. We highly recommend reading the following study about the adverse impacts on an artist’s performance and growth when they engage in Artificial Streaming campaigns.
  3. Please note that Artificial Streaming can result in the withholding of royalties, permanent removal of your track the DSP, and is Harming your overall profile and the discovery of your music.
  4. Good Morning will be adding new messaging in the app to warn all users about the hazards of using playlisting/stream boosting services.
  5. We may take down your catalog and terminate your account if you are suspected of of being a bad actor.
  6. Bear in mind that Spotify will shortly start charging a 10 USD or Euro penalty for any track found to have 90% or more Artisticial Streaming in a given month, and that Good Morning will be passing this penalty on to you.