You are currently viewing Spotify Marquee Campaign perform 10x better than Paid Socials:

Spotify Marquee Campaign perform 10x better than Paid Socials:

Running a Successful Spotify Marquee Campaign: A Comprehensive Guide

In this digital first music industry, it’s hard to ignore that still one of the most powerful platforms for artists to reach their audience is Spotify. A significant newer tool Spotify offers for artist promotion is the Spotify Marquee campaign. This feature allows artists to promote new releases directly to passive listeners, active listeners, and new potential fans on Spotify. So, how can and why should you successfully run a Spotify Marquee campaign? Let’s dive in.

What is a Spotify Marquee Campaign?


Spotify Marquee is a paid promotional tool that allows artists to spotlight their new releases through full-screen, sponsored recommendations to listeners who have shown interest in their music. It’s an efficient way to capture the attention of both your existing fans and potential listeners, encouraging them to explore your latest album or single.  At a recent panel at A2IM’s Indie Week, the Spotify team shared that Marquee campaigns performs 10x better than social media advertising when driving streams and gaining followers/fans on Spotify. 


How to Run a Spotify Marquee Campaign


1. Eligibility: Artists must have more than 5000 streams in the last 28 days or more than 1000 followers. You must be based in the US or Canada, or have a team member located there. However, Spotify is continuously expanding its features, so always check the latest updates.


2. Choose Your Release: Determine which album or EP you want to promote. It should be a new release (no older than one week).

3. Budget and Targeting: Define your budget. The minimum spend for a Marquee campaign is $250. Decide your targeting preferences based on fans’ listening behaviors and demographics.

4. Creative Assets: Prepare your creative assets. Your Marquee ad will include an image of your album art and a short piece of text. Make sure they’re compelling and consistent with your brand.

5. Launch and Monitor: Submit your campaign for review. If approved, it will go live on the date of your release. Once the campaign is live, monitor its performance through your dashboard.

Why Run a Spotify Marquee Campaign?

Spotify Marquee campaigns are designed to drive listeners to save your music, add it to their playlists, or listen immediately. It’s a powerful tool to increase the reach of your new release and boost your streaming numbers. With Spotify’s algorithm favoring songs with high engagement, the Marquee can improve the song’s visibility on the platform. Spotify has shared that Marquee performs 10x better than social media advertising.

Tips for a Successful Marquee Campaign

1. Timing: Timing is critical. Schedule your campaign to go live on the release date to capitalize on the initial buzz.

2. Relevant Messaging: The message in your Marquee should be concise, engaging, and relevant. Remember, you have a brief moment to grab listeners’ attention.

3. Analyze Results: Use Spotify’s analytics to understand how your campaign is performing. This data can provide valuable insights into your audience and inform future campaigns.

Running a Spotify Marquee campaign can be a big lift for your new release and have an impact directly on your catalog streams and saves as well. By directly promoting your music to interested listeners, you can increase engagement, boost streams, and ultimately, grow your fan base. Happy promoting!