Music rewards

Earn rewards for the actions you're already taking

What value do artists

get with Pro Membership:

Pro Membership features:

Music Distribution

Publishing Administration

Deliver And Sync Lyrics

Venue/Promoter Contact Database

Pre-save / Forever Save Links

Playlist Pitching Support

Film/TV Sync pitching

Automatic Royalty Splits

Unlimited Releases

Music Rewards Points

Music Rewards Points:

Rewards Points get you where you deserve to be faster.

Earn a lower distribution fee

Redeem for musical equipment and more.

Points gated opportunities

How can Pro Members

earn points:

1,000 points

for signing up

100 points

for each track released and song registered

1,000 points

for each referral*

1 point

for every $1 earned from recordings or publishing

500 points

A 5x boost for each migrated track*

3 points

for every $1 earned from migrated tracks

What rewards do

points unlock:

Redeem Points for free & discounted benefits

Discounted musical equipment

Discounted studio time at world class studios.

Discounted service providers for all your artist needs:

• Advertising
• Tour management tools
• Email marketing
• E-commerce tools
• Software
• PR
• Radio

And more.

Achieve levels that unlock lower fees for Pro Members

25,000 points gets you 9% distribution fee

50,000 points get you 8% distribution fee

100,000 points get you 7% distribution fee

250,000 points get you 6% distribution fee

500,000 points gets you 5% distribution fee

Migrating previously released
songs lets you earn major
boosts to your points

500 points per track re-released (5x BOOST).

Rewards built for Musicians

Software for marketing

Discounted radio campaign

A blog campaign

Musical and recording equipment

Strategy session with a record marketing executive




Advertising support

Good Morning

Music’s membership rewards system

Good Morning Music’s Membership rewards system is an artist-driven approach to the utility of music distribution and publishing administration. It’s designed with the artist in mind, aiming to share value created back to the creators who are the lifeblood of our industry. Every time you distribute and sell your music through our platform, you earn points. But that’s not all – bringing your catalog over boosts your points balance too, giving you a head start.

These points aren’t just symbolic. As an artist, you can redeem these points for a suite of beneficial services and perks. Are you looking to amplify your music’s reach? Use your points to access marketing services. Want to reduce your distribution fees or get paid faster? Your points can get you that. Furthermore, our reward points system democratizes the decision-making process, giving you a say in the future of our service.

In essence, the more you use Good Morning Music, the more you’re rewarded. This system underscores our belief in empowering artists, encouraging creativity, and fostering a supportive, artist-led community. It’s not just about distributing your music; it’s about creating a sustainable and rewarding music career.

The rewards


Get paid faster

Advances ✅

Line of Credit

Automated Accounting

Find More Money

We want your feedback. This is a community process. Engage us on Twitter or email to comment or make a suggestion.

All points subject to our Terms of Service.

Referrals count when the referred artist releases at least one track.. Migrated tracks must be released prior to May 1, 2023 to qualify for boosts.