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Independent Music: Here’s what is moving the needle in 2023.

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In an ever-evolving music landscape, independent artists continue to make waves, architecting culture with their unique sounds, fresh perspectives, and innovative marketing strategies. Here are some key trends that are currently and mostly have been moving the needle for indie artists:

1️⃣ Digital Streaming Platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Tidal still offer unprecedented access to global audiences with over 50,000 artists earning at least $10k a year from Spotify alone.  Algorithmic recommendations, personalized and editorial playlisting, and direct-to-fan engagement are key strategies on these platforms.

2️⃣ Social Media & TikTok Power: From Instagram reels to TikTok/Youtube  and now Spotify short form video, indie artists are leveraging the viral potential of social media to amplify their music. TikTok, in particular, has been a game-changer, with many songs gaining popularity through user-created content.


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3️⃣ Direct-to-Fan Marketing: With tools like Shopify, Patreon, Bandcamp, web3, or personal websites, artists are directly selling music, merch, and exclusive experiences to fans. This direct engagement builds a strong, supportive fanbase. LaRussell is killing this strategy.

4️⃣ Data-Driven Decisions: Most distributors provide data while also Tools like Spotify for Artists or Apple Music for Artists provide crucial data about listener demographics and behavior, helping artists and their teams to make strategic decisions about releases, touring, and fan engagement. Spotify’s Marquee tool performs 10X BETTER THAN SOCIAL ADS in driving streams and is available to artists who hit relatively low metrics at a minimum. The data Spotify providers from Marquee is deep and robust showing how any tracks were listened to by each click through, how many saved, and how many of their shares drive additional listens and streams from other listeners. Every save helps the algo.

As we navigate this exciting digital and community driven era, the possibilities for artists are always expanding.