Tailor Made Music Services For Artists At All Levels.  Automate Your Music Business.

Good Morning Music is an ALL IN ONE music distribution & publishing administration service. Manage and automate your music rights, distribution, royalty streams (both master and publishing), get your music everywhere, and turn your listeners into happy paying fans. We’re an artist-centric community committed to revolutionizing the music industry and how artists get paid. Established by a seasoned team with decades of combined experience in music and technology, we’re passionate about empowering musicians to be the CEO of their craft, retain ownership of their intellectual property, and share in the value created in their music services provider.

Our innovative membership service puts artists in the automated driver’s seat, set it and forget it. And with features such as royalty splits for collaborative projects, we’re making music rights more transparent and equitable.

At Good Morning Music, we believe in the power of decentralization and community. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring artists not only earn, but achieve their career goals by reaching more fans and music audiences everywhere more easily.

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