Get your music onto Spotify, Apple, Tiktok, Instagram, Amazon, Youtube, and more while collecting ALL your recording and songwriting royalties in one place.  Reach more listeners and turn them into paying fans.


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Musicians and their teams seeking an Smart solution for their entire music business: Global distribution, songwriting royalties, royalty split accounting, strategy, and marketing.  

Collect All Your Recording And Songwriting Royalties with Distribution + Publishing Administration In One Place

Find Money That’s Owed You.  Financial services: Advances, Capital, and Automated Accounting. 

Automatic Royalty Splits For Collaborative Projects And Shared Songwriting.

Keep 100% Ownership Of Recordings And Songs. Be Your Own label.  Leave At Any Time.  

Grow Faster With AI-Driven and Experienced Strategy and Marketing Leadership. 

What artists are saying

“Working with Good Morning Music has been a breeze, they are effective in getting my music into the hands of curators that have added my songs to some of the biggest playlists in North America. Hands down this has been the best experience dealing with a distribution company.” — Drew Taylor

“GMM has been a complete game changer for us! The initial proposal from the team almost seemed too good to be true. So much so that we did a lot of research and connecting with other artists using the platform to make sure it was legit. Since working with them we have gotten our singles playlisted on Spotify editorial playlists and our listeners have doubled. While the work is still on us, GMM is an amazing tool that truly grew us to levels we didn’t know we could reach.” — Primrose

“Good morning music is my go to distribution service. Being the new home for all of my new releases for over a year now, I wouldn’t go back to my former service and I would personally recommend it for any artist big or small.” — Surf

“To find distribution run by folks who are both forward thinking and pure lovers of music is very rare—my team and I found it with Rory and everyone at Good Morning.” — Rae Isla

Features Overview

Distribute music to major services

Collect Songwriting Royalties

Lyrics Delivery & Synchronize

Editorial Playlist & Film/TV Pitching

Automatic royalty splits

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Artist Coaching & Strategy

AI-Driven & Automated Campaigns

Streaming & Financial Analytics

About us

Good Morning Music is a community of world class artists, producers, managers, and developers dedicated to ensuring artists share in the value their music creates.

We’re committed to providing artists with a world class service, transparent reporting, wide reach, creative control, ease of use, and opportunities for marketing & promotion support, sync licensing, and more. Earn points and get value for actions you are already taking to release music, register songs, and get paid.

About Us

Frequently asked questions

Good Morning Music is an All-In-One music service for distribution, publishing, video, lyrics, and more. We find and collect all your music revenue from recordings and songwriting, while helping you turn your listeners into happy paying fans.  We do this through a suite of services including music distribution, publishing administration, our proprietary Find Money service that literally finds money owed you and notifies you if money is owed you, and release support such as lyrics delivery and sync, Film/TV Sync pitching, playlist pitching, pre-saves links, and more. 


Please review our plans and pricing here.

We provide professional label grade services to artists and managers at community supported tiers.  There are three plans for artists based on their growth needs.


Good Morning Music supports distribution or delivery to an extensive and growing list of DSPs.

DSPs we service

  • AWA
  • FLO
  • JOOX
  • ROXI
  • SNAP

The following DSPs are likely to be integrated in 2023: 

  • VIBE
  • BUGS

Does Good Morning Music provide access to unique codes (ie: Apple track ID's, Spotify URI)?

For all DSPs that provide a method to obtain a URI or a weblink, we retrieve those and display them in the Distribution section of your release.

Does Good Morning Music provide a way to setting up pre-orders?


Why is it live on Shazam before the release date?

This is just how Shazam works: they don’t respect release dates. But you can’t play the song yet. If you do not want it to appear at all before the release date, do not send it to Shazam before that date.

Why does it show live on the UI when it is not live yet on YT, Yandex, iMusica, Nuuday, and Shazam?

Live on the UI for the following DSPs YouTube, Yandex, iMusica, Nuuday and Shazam simply means that they have confirmed ingestion.

What happens to my chart history/rankings, playlist placement, etc when transferring distribution to Good Morning Music?

When migrating catalogs these days, the only major DSPs that lose some historical data/rankings are: 

  • iTunes: if the UPC-ISRCs are all the same, the merge should be complete and chart history & popularity should be retained while ratings & reviews will be lost.
  • YouTube Music: view/stream counts will be reset to 0.

For other DSPs, your new instance should replace your old instance as long as you avoid changing certain metadata fields until after your migration. Please see this article for the list of fields not to change during/before your migration.

What is the turnaround time of delivery for new releases?

Delivery time to most major DSPs is within a few hours / same day.

Our current distributor makes our music available on YouTube and has a copyright claim management system, just confirming that you would do this as well in a distributor role?

Yes, we deliver to YouTube Content ID. We don't provide a UI for direct claim management. Our YT staff handles this directly and reaches out to you in the event of an issue with your content.

What information would you need exactly from us for the transfer from our distributor/aggregator?

Good Morning Music requires our customers' catalog to be ingested. This can be done in a few different ways:

  • Your current aggregator can possibly set up a feed to Good Morning Music.

  • Use Good Morning Music's catalog ingestion template.

  • Create a release directly on the platform.

What is Good Morning's service fee?

Check out our plans here.

Does Good Morning Music provide a way to setting up pre-saves?

We don't offer this feature to our customers. We are working on a partnership with a 3rd party.

Globally. Pretty much every country. 


A copyright Violation Notice (or a “DMCA takedown”) is a legal claim that occurs when a 3rd party reports Good Morning of infringing content in your catalog. The reporter can be the Claimant (Artists, their rep, or any rightsholder), or the DSP that received the notice from the Claimant.

If this happens, you'll receive a notice from Good Morning that will alert and guide you on what actions are needed to resolve this issue and stay protected from legal actions and damages. 

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 ("DMCA"), unless a resolution is reached with the claimant, Good Morning will issue a preventive takedown of the content within 5 business days. Some DSPs, such as Spotify, may immediately initiate a takedown until resolved."

Why you received a DMCA Copyright Violation Notice:

Sometimes, copyright violations occur due to expired rights or simple mistakes like misspellings or misunderstandings. But in many cases, it’s because infringing content was distributed by you or your client. Here are some examples of infringing content and copyrights violations:

  • Content distributed without a license from the artists/ rightsholders

  • Duplicated or stolen content infringing on a third party's copyright

  • YouTube assets belonging to a third party, claimed by you or your client

  • Content distributed to territories or DSPs not covered by the license

  • Remixes created and distributed without proper licensing

  • Cover versions distributed globally without a mechanical license

  • Misleading song titles and artist names, illegal use of trademarks or visual content

  • Any unauthorized use of someone else's intellectual property

If you wish to contest the copyright violation claim:

Contact the Claimant

The best way to resolve this issue is to contact the Claimant and sort it out directly with them. If you manage to do that, make sure you and the Claimant inform us about the resolution. Please contact us within 5 business days, whether or not the situation has been resolved.

File a DMCA Counter-Notification

If you're unable to resolve this directly with the Claimant and you have the full documentation to prove that you have full rights over the content, you can file a DMCA Counter-Notification. 

Please be aware that by filing a DMCA Counter-Notification, you are escalating the matter such that the Claimant will have no recourse other than to take legal action against you should they wish to assert their rights to the content. You should also consider that some DSPs do not respect DMCA Counter-Notifications automatically. However, if you have the rights to the content and we can validate your documentation, filing a DMCA Counter-Notification is a good starting practice that can help us reinstate your content down the road.

Read carefully and follow the instructions on how to file a DMCA Counter-Notification

If you do not  wish to contest the Copyright Infringement Claim:

Whether or not the claim is valid, you may choose not to contest it. If that is the case for you, here are the steps you need to take.

  • If you don't contest a valid claim, immediately remove the product(s) from all DSPs where you have a Good Morning agreement.

  • If the distribution was fraudulent, remove all catalogs for the responsible artist/label/payee/account. 

  • After removing the content, reply to this email with a list of the UPCs taken down.

Your access to Good Morning's distribution deals is contingent on not distributing infringing material. If you receive excessive valid infringement claims, we'll have no choice but to revoke your distribution access.

What if you own the rights, but the Claimant doesn't respond?

If you own the rights and the claimant doesn't respond, and you have complete documentation to support your rights and have attempted to resolve the infringement claim or submitted a Counter-Notice that went unanswered, the Good Morning team will make efforts to restore your taken-down content. 

 For additional information, please reach out to us:

Artist rewarded music distribution leverages a points system that gets artists faster to their goals and strives to provide a more transparent, equitable, and efficient way for artists to control how their music is distributed. Specifically with Good Morning, artists get a vote that enables them to share in the value that their music creates.

Artists can get rewards, or utility points by taking actions they are already doing, that is releasing and licensing their music for streaming, downloads, syncs; registering publishing copyrights, master performance, and collecting songwriting income. Artists can receive a boost on their points when they refer their friends and migrate their catalog.  These points are distributed as rewards for contributing to the ecosystem and can be used to get to your goals faster.  The roadmap includes additional concept utility for the points:

• Increase speed of payout

• Reduce distribution fees

• Marketing and promotion opps

• Education resources

• Access to more sync opps

Decentralized music distribution offers artists a more transparent and equitable revenue model by enabling artists to participate in the value creation in a distributor. By sharing in the governance, artists can receive a larger share of their earnings from music sales, streaming, and other sources of income. Additionally, the platform's token-based rewards system provides artists with the opportunity to benefit from the platform's overall growth.

Yes, we welcomes artists from all genres and experience levels, from emerging talents to established professionals. Our goal is to empower all artists by providing an inclusive, transparent, and innovative platform for music distribution, revenue generation, and sharing the value your music creates. 

To get started, simply sign up for an account here  and follow the step-by-step instructions for uploading your music, registering your copyrights, and setting up your royalty collection. Our user-friendly interface and dedicated support team will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless transition to decentralized music distribution.

You can change a release date once a release has already been distributed. The basic principle is to just redeliver the release with the new release date (this is technically called the "start date").

Note that if the release is still in delivery, you may need to pause the delivery: How to edit a Release that is still in delivery.

Here are the steps for changing the start date:

  1. Click on Assets > Music
  2. Click on the asset you'd like to edit the release date of.
  3. Select "distribution" from the menu on the sidebar (see image below)
  4. Click the big purple Distribute All button on the top right corner of your page
  5. Scroll to the bottom to find the "Release start date" field and edit it there.


If you need to import a catalog after your joining please follow these visualized one by one steps: 


Visual Step by Step Instructions on Music Migration

If you wish to migrate just a few releases, you can do so by creating a new release in your Good Morning account and selecting that this has been previously released.  You'll need to enter the prior release date and the same UPC.

Please be sure to input the following details exactly to avoid any mapping and stream count syncing:

                • Artist name

                • Release title

                • Track titles, ISRCs and their sequence

                • Exact WAV files as previously released

                • Same artwork

When done properly, the stream counts transfer.


Please put together a spreadsheet by UPC or Good Morning Release ID to indicate for each release:

  1. Any territorial restrictions

  2. Any non-default pricing

  3. Any future release dates

  4. Any DSPs to exclude when redelivering, or whether the catalog should be redistributed to all the DSPs enabled for your account

  5. The Spotify artist URIs of any artist on a release (or its related tracks) with any of the following roles:

    1. Primary artist

    2. Featuring artist

    3. Remixer

  6. The Apple Artist IDs of any artist on a release (or its related tracks) with any of the following roles:

    1. Primary artist

    2. Featuring artist

    3. Remixer

    4. With

    5. Composer (for Classical music only)


Please always check with us first before issuing any takedowns from your previous distributor. 


The following outlines the process for migrating and redistributing a catalog through Good Morning:

  1. Catalog ingestion into Good Morning is complete and valid. Notable issues can be:
    • Incomplete publishing metadata
    • Older asset files not up to the current DSP requirements (for example, artwork must be, at min., 1400x1400, but 3000x3000 is highly recommended)
    • Lack of Spotify & Apple artist IDs — these are crucial in ensuring successful track-linking
  2. Provide migration instructions by filling out our Client Migration Worksheet.
  3. Good Morning distributes the catalog in batch to stores
  4. Good Morning monitors the delivery. Good Morning does not QA once the assets are live — this is the client's responsibility
  5. Good Morning notifies the customer when it is safe to issue takedowns
  6. Client issues the takedowns from their previous distributor(s)
  7. Good Morning does not monitor the status of takedowns — this is the client's responsibility


It depends on the size of the catalog but you should always count on a minimum of 7 days because you need to give time for track linking after delivery. 

Good Morning requires all members to ensure they obtain a Mechanical license before distributing any cover song. However, there are cases when it's legal to partly distribute cover songs without a license. We will lay out the options and conditions in this article.

What exactly is a Cover song?

A Cover song (or Cover version) is a new recording of an existing song by a musician who is not the original composer or recording artist. A Cover version needs to be a “faithful rendition” (no change in melody, lyrics, and arrangement), and the original song must be distributed or offered to the public by the original artist or their record label before the cover version is recorded.

Important: A cover song can not include any part of the original song's recording, regardless of the duration. That would make the song a remix or a mashup that requires an additional Master license.

What is a Mechanical license?

The term “mechanical” refers to when songs are mechanically reproduced - in physical formats like Vinyl and CDs, and more relevant to our time - in digital formats like Streaming and downloads. Mechanical royalties come from the composition copyright. Whenever an artist records and releases a cover song (that includes someone else’s musical composition) through their unique sound recording and makes it available to the public for profit, they need to obtain a mechanical license that will secure the payment of the mechanical royalty to the music publisher and songwriter. 

Is a Mechanical license always required for a cover song distribution?

Until a few years ago, it was required in all cases. That changed when the Mechanical License Collective (MLC) was formed in the US. The MLC is a non-profit organization that administers blanket mechanical licensing to eligible streaming platforms and pays royalties to all prospective rightsholders. So if all the conditions are met and you follow all the following rules, a mechanical license is not needed:

  1. The cover version is a “faithful rendition” of the original song, meaning no changes in the melody or lyrics were made (minimal arrangement changes are allowed).

  1. The cover version does not include any part of the original song's recording

  1. The original song was already distributed or offered to the public by the original artist or any record label.

  1. The original authors of the composition and lyrics and the publisher of the original song are correctly listed and credited in the cover song metadata. You can find the correct information on websites like the Easysong search engine.

  1. The song is distributed exclusively in the US

  1. The song is distributed only to the eligible DSPs covered by the MLC 

*Please note that the list of eligible DSPs is updated from time. Make sure to check the MLC website - DSP Notices page if the DSP you intend to distribute to is included.

Respectively, if you intend to distribute the song outside the US, distribute the song in Download DSP, distribute physical copies of the song on CD or Vinyl, or make changes in Melody or Lyrics - a Mechanical license is needed.

How can I get a Mechanical license for a cover song?

  1. Via the record label/ publishing company of the original song. This is the most recommended way, and most big companies have a process for this in place.

  2. Via services like Songfile and Easysong that offer licensing services for a fixed fee.

  3. Via collecting societies that handle also mechanical royalties like SACEM and GEMA

Releasing a cover song on YouTube

Since it is an Audiovisual platform, distributing a cover song to YouTube requires a synchronization ‘sync’ license in addition to the mechanical license - even if you upload the song with a static image. Many artists post their cover songs on YouTube without any license. Some are not aware that it’s required, and some are counting on the YouTube CID system to identify the song, notify the rightsholders and let them choose if they want to monetize the song or block it. We do not recommend distributing cover songs to YouTube without a license!

The good news is that many music publishing companies have an agreement with YouTube and have an easy licensing process. It allows their songs to be used in exchange for a portion of the ad revenue generated on YouTube. So the best way to handle this is to find out who’s the publisher of the song in the Easysong search engine and contact them directly to find out if they have an agreement with YouTube. 

We're happy to help. Reach out to us at

Some say we are. Based on our values.  Our service exists for artists and we uphold the concept of community voice.  Rewards Points holders have a vote in the future of the service. 

Blockchain is a powerful tool that supports the decentralization of the internet. We support the concept of consensus and hold that to be a core value of  Good Morning Music. 

Our team members are holders of many digital assets from many musical and visual artists, DAOs, and we enjoy supporting creators and the community.

The DSP editorial roles involve discovering new music, keeping up with trends, and creating playlists that resonate with different listener groups. If you're looking to get your track featured on an editorial playlist, here's the best approach and remember no one can guarantee you an editorial playlist:

1. Submit Through Spotify for Artists: The first step is to make sure your music is uploaded to Spotify at least a week before its release date. Once your upcoming release is in your Spotify for Artists account, there's an option to submit it for playlist consideration. Please include as much information as possible about the track. The more Spotify knows about the song and the story behind it, the better chance it has.

2. Get Your Music Heard: Beyond Spotify's internal submission process, getting your music heard by as many people as possible can increase its chances of being noticed. Share it with your network, engage your fans, and use social media to its fullest potential.

3. Consistent Quality: DSPs always look for tracks that demonstrate consistent quality and appeal to our listeners. Keep refining your sound and production quality.

4. Playlist-Friendly: Different playlists serve different moods or activities. When submitting, make sure your track aligns with the playlist you are targeting.

5. Engage Your Fans: A dedicated fanbase that saves your tracks, adds them to their personal playlists, and shares your music can increase your chances of getting noticed by an editorial team.

Here is a list of current services we offer and this list is growing:

  • Recorded Music distribution to global DSPs
  • Publishing Administration
  • Automatic royalty payments splits and payee management
  • Spotify Discovery Mode qualified
  • Playlist pitching 
  • Sync pitching to music supervisors
  • Pandora/SiriusXM and Amazon Alexa artist messages / one-liners
  • Lyrics match/delivery
  • Pre-save and Forever Save links
  • Video distribution to VEVO
  • Venue and promoter database


Mechanical royalties (or “mechanicals”) are royalties earned through the physical and digital reproduction of copyrighted works. That includes everything from CDs and vinyl records to downloads, interactive streaming platforms and digital audio files, to karaoke recordings, film soundtracks, and cover songs.

While some countries and territories have collection societies that collect performance and mechanical royalties, that’s not the case everywhere and unless you’re affiliated with them directly, you may not be collecting all of what you’ve earned.

Without a publishing partner, you’re likely leaving uncollected money on the table.